Putting A Foreclosed House And Lot Up For Sale In Florida

Foreclosed House And Lot

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If you are currently the owner of a foreclosed house and lot, you could be at your wit’s end, thinking that you’ve run out of options and are facing an undeniable loss. As cash investors in the real estate market, we are dedicated to resolving foreclosure issues on Florida city properties like yours. Regardless of what you might have heard from the bank, you can put a foreclosed house and lot up for sale and even make a profit doing so.

If you’re in search of the answers that can get you out of this bind at no price to you, we can help. Do you currently reside in a Florida property located close to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, or any other place with a South Florida address?

If you own a foreclosed house and lot in our area of interest, you could receive a fair price for your place estimated in just one day. You could then use the money to resolve the foreclosure and avoid bank penalties, loans, and even bankruptcy.

Call our number right away for a general list that details each service we provide or read below to learn how we can turn a foreclosed vacant lot into a profitable properties sale.

Types Of Foreclosures We Will Stop

2017 marks a time of financial hardship amongst the masses, a time when one in every 1271 Floridians has reached a stage of foreclosure in any given month, which, in turn, has created a market that consists of at least 628,619 dispossessed homes and a staggering 12.5% of foreclosed properties completely vacant. But hope is not lost. In a way, 2017 is also an exciting time in the real estate business, a time when cash buyers are willing to put their own money on the line in order to avoid foreclosing homes. You don’t have to be on the downside of the foreclosed house and lot statistics. There’s still time to turn things around.

Are you so fed up with this whole ordeal that you’re considering just throwing your hands up and walking away? We can make it so you walk away with enough cash to rent or purchase a new building. Please email us if your location fits the following criterion. Here are some types of foreclosures we will stop:

  • HOA foreclosed properties
  • First mortgage foreclosure homes
  • Second mortgage foreclosure houses and buildings
  • Over-financed properties— even the ones with absolutely zero equity!

Here Are Our Exciting Plans For Your Foreclosed House And Lot

Foreclosure statistics

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As cash investors, we’re in the business of building. We’re building metro communities. We’re building the best commercial facilities and reserved housing spaces our money can buy and we’re repairing houses, hearts, and credit along the way. Contact us if you’re serious about utilizing our services and you wish to quickly sell your building in as-is condition. Not only will we take it off of your hands and offer you a fair and reasonable cash settlement in return, but our goal is to turn that vacant lot, house, or commercial building into something beautiful and beneficial. 100 or 300 or 500 abandoned buildings just lying around do little to solidify Florida’s future. You deserve better, as do we all.

“He who does not know how to look back on where he came from will never get to his destination.”

—Jose Rizal

Better Understanding Our Privacy Policy, Mission And Investment Process

Our privacy policy is complete with a judgment free, commission free, obligation free offer. As people who regularly deal with ugly houses, we’ve seen it all, from foreclosed condos overlooking Laguna Beach to commercial properties in the Philippines standing on their last legs. As of 2017, our mission is to invest in South Florida, to follow in the footsteps of great architects and explorers, to build lasting communities, rather than simply tearing them down. From Cape San Blas to Jacksonville, we strive to optimize the view and put South Florida back on top. In the process, we’re hoping to save some forsaken homeowners from the hardship of filing for bankruptcy.

We’re home buying professionals, so we’re always abreast with the latest real estate news and terms. This enhances our ability to get you the right type of payment in full, even if the banks and traditional lending institutions failed to recognize the value in your home. Did you know that Forbes author Morgan Brennan recently described Florida as a foreclosure plagued destination where “investors and ­snowbirds bearing cash dominate the market”? Well, as the cash bearing snowbirds of the bunch, we should probably mention that if you sell your home to us, there’s a good chance we’ll pay for you to move elsewhere.

Click right here to get an in-depth explanation of our cash advance program featuring same day cash that can be used to help you relocate quickly and easily.

You Shouldn’t Have To Take Out A Loan To Save Your Precious Time

One of the biggest perks to dealing with cash investors as opposed to real estate agents is the pacing. If you’re currently on the edge of losing your home and ruining your credit in the process, the last thing you can afford to spend is more time waiting in the wings. Take advantage of a fast, cash payment free of fees, commissions, and obligations. You’ll be happy you did once you see how many other things you saved like your peace of mind, money, and your credit rating.

If you’re sold on selling your forsaken Florida property to us, you’ll be happy to know that a free cash estimate awaits you within one day. All you have to do next is download and fill out our online form. Better yet, give us a call and we’ll fill the form out for you right over the phone. While we have you on the line we’ll explain your rights as a homeowner, no matter what stage of foreclosure you happen to be in. We can help.

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Notice To Owner Florida Lien Process: Overcoming Financial Distress

notice to owner Florida

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If you received a builder’s notice to owner Florida lien or code violation, you’re probably feeling rather panicked and perhaps a little bit confused. The Florida Construction Lien Law is described in detail in Chapter 713 of the 2017 Florida statutes. This post was written with homeowners in mind, and designed to thoroughly explain the lien and code violation notice from a novice perspective so that Florida residents are fully aware of their rights when utilizing contractor services.

Who Is Eligible To File Notice To Owner Florida Documents?

Individuals such as laborers, material-men, subcontractors, and sub-subcontractors are required to serve such a notice as a prerequisite to perfecting a lien and it must be served no later than 45 days after the commencement of services.  In order to avoid liens and double payment for construction and repair services, all homeowners are urged to obtain a written release form from their contractor immediately upon payment for services.

Did you know that, in some instances, it is possible for contractors to put a lien against your Florida property, even if they have been paid in full? Were you made aware of the fact that if a contractor’s final payment affidavit neglected to list a lienor, you, as a homeowner, might still be responsible to pay them?

Ways Homeowners Incur Property Liens

Contractor vs. homeowner disagreements can give way to illegitimate liens, but they’re not the only way in which such a predicament develops. In a way, even a mortgage can be considered a lien for as long as it is not yet entirely paid off. Please refer to our FAQ page to learn more about how to sell a house which is on mortgage for more information on that topic. In this section, we will discuss involuntary liens, as in ones that are accrued as the result of a judgment made in a court of law. This type of lien most often happens when a homeowner is perceived as owing someone monetary compensation. Think of your land as a kind of placeholder, standing in for the money you allegedly own. Here are some really common examples:

  • Tax Lien-If the Internal Revenue Service believes you have an outstanding amount of back taxes and are in arrears, they might choose to put a lien on your property
  • Construction Lien-In general, this type of lien occurs when the Florida notice owner becomes engaged in a dispute over the commencement of or payment for services. Since both parties are bound by a state law contract, if any laborers claim they were unpaid or underpaid for their work, the courts could rule for a lien on the property. Such laborers include but are not limited to construction workers, landscapers, and house renovators.
  • Municipal Lien-Owners of rental property could fall victim to their tenant’s debts and state owned corporations might file for municipal liens as a result.
  • Code Violation Lien- This sort of lien is placed due to non-payment of fines from a code violation. Anything from a caved in roof to overgrown grass can lead to a code violation lien if the problem goes uncorrected or the fine remains unpaid. It is important to note that there are currently millions of dollars worth of notice to owner Florida liens stemming from code violations in South Florida right now.

A Notice To Owner Florida Document Does Not Mean You Can’t Sell Your Home

Like most legalities, lien rights are tricky and often misunderstood. If you accidentally settled into a problem property it’s easy to feel like everything related to your house is a catch 22. You get a lien if you can’t afford to pay a laborer to fix faulty objects. You get a lien if you simply let things go. Without a firm understanding of lien rights and terms, owners can wind up paying for materials and project labor twice and not even notice until they’re served with a copy of an owner notice that’s accompanied by a hefty project price tag.

Once you’ve begun to make repairs, you might feel you’re only digging a deeper hole for yourself and your family. Perhaps you took on more labor than you could actually afford or you were presented with an estimate that did not reflect the honest price. Perhaps you signed some forms you didn’t fully understand or were led to believe that certain services were free only to find out too late that they weren’t. Whether you’re facing legal trouble due to open permits, un-permitted work, code violations, landscaper disputes, tax issues or something else entirely, there is a way to climb up out of that hole and reclaim a peaceful lifestyle. The key lies in finding the company that can provide you with the tools you need to rebuild a new foundation, this time on solid, even ground.

Before You Contact A Service Rep Regarding Your Florida NTO, Here’s What You Need To Know

No matter how deep your troubles seem, it is still possible to sell your house. In fact, selling the home you’re in debt trying to repair could save your money, your credit, and your time. There is a local Florida cash investment company that can provide you with a professional service and mitigate your code violation or other types of lien. This could protect you and your family from struggling under financial stress.

If you have been served with documents and notices and are tired of overpaying suppliers for repairs and furnishings, it is advisable that you call 877-466-3227 and request help with your lien. This phone number will put you in touch with a business professional that specializes in lien mitigation. This company will offer you a fair price for your home and even make a same day cash advance available so you can begin anew. If you search online and on their blog, you will undoubtedly uncover an elongated list of happy home sellers throughout the floridas who were once in this very same predicament.

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