Everything You Need To Know About Selling A Damaged House For Cash

damaged house

Life in a damaged house can be brutal, leaving you financially and emotionally drained. Worse still, is the thought that such a house could never sell in the shaky real estate market of 2017. Perhaps you’ve attempted to contact a real estate agent, someone who claims to be a professional at selling in your Florida community, only to receive the news that your property is virtually unsellable or not worth nearly what you owe. In most cases, such claims are rooted in falsehood and/or a heavy reliance on lending institutions like banks. Selling a damaged property for profit is a relatively easy process, once you gain a full understanding of where to take your business. Here’s a look at the many obstacles you may find on your road to obtaining a better place to live and ways you can overcome each one.

Categorizing A Damaged House

A real estate property can go from dream home to nightmare pretty quickly, and most of the time these accidents happen when we’re already falling behind. Your house could be considered a damaged house due to any of the below-mentioned circumstances:damaged house

  • Fire damage
  • Mold infestation
  • Vandalism
  • Weather damage
  • Sink holes
  • Explosions
  • Sewer backups
  • Nuclear hazards
  • General wear and tear

At the end of the day, the details are less important than your state of mind. If your house is no longer your dream home and you feel trapped into staying there anyway, we can help. Contact us to learn about the terms of our damaged home policy and to find out whether your house should be categorized as damaged or distressed.

Common Obstacles Deriving From Selling A Damaged House For Value And Estimate Purposes

Did you find out that your insurance company doesn’t cover the unforeseen disaster that happened to your home? Did you move into a damaged property unknowingly? Perhaps you inherited a property in poor condition via a will and now you wish to sell it fast. Here is a list of some of the most common dilemmas new sellers face in the real estate market when their property is labeled imperfect while up for sale.

  • New Damage The Insurance Company Won’t Cover. Believe it or not, just because you were responsible enough to ensure your home doesn’t mean you’re covered in the event of a disaster. Most homeowner insurance policies are riddled with loopholes that leave residents high and dry in the aftermath of a disaster. In Florida, most companies require “sinkhole protection upon request” banking on the fact that homeowners wouldn’t usually think to request this added feature. Other common catastrophes that often go uncovered include but are certainly not limited to flooding, molding, mice and termite infestations, and nuclear hazards just to name a few.
  • Inheriting a Time-Consuming Estate From A Family Member’s Will. The probate process can be difficult and time-consuming in itself. The thought of enduring such a frustrating routine only to inherit a problem property that is in constant need of daily repair certainly doesn’t help. These types of homes tend to stay on the market for years, causing headaches for family members who are already grieving a loss.
  • Overlooking A Vital Sign Of Foundation Damage. The architecture, neighborhood, school district, view, close vicinity to sports arenas and high paying careers are all points of consideration when it comes to purchasing homes. But what about seeking out misaligned windows, sloping floors, or cracked drywall? If you, like many other homeowners, missed a key sign of foundation damage, you might be in a predicament you never before expected.
  • Changed Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy Adjustments And Being Underinsured. It can be incredibly frustrating if you find yourself underinsured even after you carefully scrutinized your insurance company’s privacy policy and terms of service. Unfortunately, homeowner rights, privacy policy, local rights reserved, website features, and various general terms of service change all the time. If insurance companies were in the business of optimizing payouts on houses and the valuable content inside of them, this would cut down their profit margin. For this reason, their contracts and media are often designed to mislead and underinsure.
  • Government Interference. If the local police condemn or take over a property, many insurance companies will step back, leaving the homeowner stranded and in debt.

Email Us If You’re Finding It Hard To Advertise Your Property

Real estate companies are in the business of trying to advertise your property. Because they are relying on others for buying power and banks for loaning, they are unlikely to make a slightly run down property a top priority. Additionally, in order to rank high in search and post popular properties, they often request pricey repairs at the sole expense of the homeowner. The end result is that you have to pay for commissions, closing costs, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, staging and various miscellaneous items, only to find your home listed on facebook, twitter, and the local classifieds for years. They might even encourage you to purchase staging, youtube video, and other digital items under the guise that they are increasing the market value of your flawed estate. Meanwhile, you’re dealing with the usual expenses for upkeep and new expenses imposed upon you in order to make your place seem perfect.

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Here’s the secret nobody’s telling you. You don’t have to subscribe to these realtor services or follow the maintenance advice on their site in order to secure a good, cash deal. You don’t need to post the best ad in your area complete with photos and youtube videos customers scroll through for entertainment purposes, never clicking or buying anything at all. You most certainly shouldn’t be shelling out check after check to get people to click, buy, or make an offer on your property or commercial estate. 2017 is complete with an updated market where cash investors are constantly seeking out as-is housing. Read about previous owner stories that are just like yours by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for feedback from our team. Just press here and one of our knowledgeable service reps will guide you through the steps that can get you a fair price in one day and a cash settlement by next week.